WALLCOLORS is a place that will inspire you to change your interior! As a manufacturer, we ensure that our wallpapers are characterized by a unique and original style, as well as the highest quality. To achieve this, we work with the most creative and talented artists in Poland. The mission of our company is to create beautiful and unique wallpapers that will inspire and bring joy to the lives of our customers.

Working with the highest quality printing tools
Years of experience in the digital printing industry have enabled us to develop a quality control system in our company that ensures early detection of any defects and continuous improvement of the production process. The main and most important stage of control is the analysis of the materials provided for production and the creation of technical documentation predicting standards and deviations, as well as ensuring a qualified and experienced workforce. The produced wallpaper undergoes an assessment of its compliance with the design in terms of visual and technical aspects. We take great care to maintain our machinery by carrying out regular servicing and necessary repairs, enabling us to maintain the highest quality of our products.